Dreamhost Webmail Login: A Complete Guide to Managing Professional Emails

All of you must have heard of Dreamhost. If not, we will dive into it, answering all your questions about the Dreamhost webmail login. Many people face challenges when logging into their business accounts online, for their websites, e-commerce stores, or public forums. Are you one of them? Are you facing difficulties with webmail dreamhost login? Don’t worry as you are at the right place. Before heading to the main procedure, we will briefly introduce the Dreamhost platform to all the newcomers. If you are familiar with the Dreamhost panel and understand webmail, proceed to the next section where we explain the step-by-step process of Dreamhost webmail login.

What is Dreamhost?

DreamHost, based in Los Angeles, started in 1996 when four college students founded it. They hosted their first customer site in 1997 and have been going strong since. In 2012, DreamHost spun off Inktank, supporting the open-source Ceph file system. Then, in 2014, Akanda, an open-source network virtualization project, emerged. As of February 2016, DreamHost has about 200 employees and nearly 400,000 customers. Simple and to the point, DreamHost continues to be a reliable player in web hosting. The DreamHost webmail app is now available for businesses worldwide to manage their professional emails effortlessly. 

A Brief Intro to Webmail

Webmail is the web-based email management service that Dreamhost and other popular hosting service providers use across their networks. It allows you to manage all the professional emails properly while maintaining the formats and schedules.

How to use Dreamhost Webmail Login – Complete Walkthrough

Below are the steps that you can follow to establish a complete understanding of the Dreamhost webmail login procedure. See this guide here to log into Dreamhost webmail outlook.

Accessing Webmail

Visit https://webmail.dreamhost.com

Enter your email address and password on the login page.

Updating Your Email Password:

Refer to the article titled “Update your email password” for instructions.

Retrieving Your Password:

Check the article titled “Change password (Mail users)” for details on resetting your email password.

Webmail Charges:

Webmail is free with any hosting plan or paid email plan.

Using Webmail:

Checking for New Mail:

Webmail automatically checks for new mail.

Click the Refresh button to manually check.

Spell Checking Emails:

Click ‘Compose’ in the left pane.

Type your email body.

Click the Spell button for spell checking.

Message Threads:

Go to ‘Options’ from the top menu.

In List mode, select ‘Threads’ and click Save.

File Attachments:

Click ‘Compose’ in the left pane.

Click ‘Attach a file’ to attach files.

Subscribing to Folders:

Click ‘Mail’ in the left panel.

Click the folder icon, select ‘Manage folders,’ and toggle desired folders.

Deleting Emails:

Select emails to delete.

Click the trashcan icon.


Subscribing to the Spam Folder:

Ensure you have subscribed to the Spam folder.

Filtering Emails:

Use Allow/Block List in the panel to control spam filters.

Move spam emails to the Spam folder.

Missing Spam Folder:

Create a Spam folder manually using the instructions provided.

Custom Filters:

Manually create custom filters for spam control.

Deleting Spam:

Use the instructions in the “Deleting Emails” section.

Read Receipts:

Read Receipts

Enable in Settings > Preferences > Composing Messages.

Changing Timezone

In Settings > Preferences > User Interface, select your timezone and save.

Searching Emails

Use the Search field above the email list by entering your search term and pressing Enter. Note: It searches only in the Subject text.

Why Dreamhost Webmail Login 

DreamHost is a great pick because it gives you easy and free access to webmail. The setup is hassle-free, and you won’t be charged extra for using webmail with your hosting plan. The email features, like organizing messages in threads and managing spam, make it simple to handle your emails. DreamHost also adds handy tools, such as read receipts and the option to set your timezone, showing they care about making things easy for users. It’s a straightforward and user-friendly choice for web hosting.


To conclude, DreamHost webmail login is the best option for your business to manage professional emails. All the steps we described above present a complete walkthrough of the Dreamhost login webmail. All the Dreamhost email setting including spam and read receipts are covered in this article, providing you with a complete solution to all your Dreamhost webmail login failed problems.

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