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Scientificasia is an emerging news blog website. We are on a mission to serve the latest news to our readers. This will increase the knowledge of our readers and it will surely satisfy their hunger for informative news. We love to share informative blogs on different niches. The categories we love to write about are Science, Technology, Business, and Finance. Our intent of writing is purely for our readers that love to read our content for information.

Write for us – Science:

We all know that when it comes to science, almost everything is related to science in some way. Our science category includes informative blogs that will satisfy your thirst for science. Our science category mostly includes the latest information regarding the following subcategories. 

Write for us – Technology:

As we all know it’s the era of technology. We can’t imagine that Tech geeks can spend a day without reading a single blog regarding the latest technological advancement and tech news. We are more focused on technology so we love to share our big part of blogs on technology. It’s the era of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Every new technological change in the world is getting dependent upon these two technologies. 

Our technology category also revolves around the following subcategories.

Write for us – Business:

Our third category is business, as we all know. No business can be successful without good business knowledge. We are here to serve you with business news. We share blogs and news relevant to the below subcategories. 

Write for us – Finance:

Now, we talk about the fourth category, Finance. We love to write about:

As we know, you love to read your favorite news blog We know that you are always looking for the latest news and blogs. We always welcome our readers to contribute to Scientificasia because it’s their own website. If you are passionate about news blogs and have an excellent grip on blog writing. Then, we welcome you to contribute a piece to our blogs. You can contact us via email to get in touch too.

Benefits of Guest Posting:

There are several benefits of contributing a blog to a guest blogging website. Some of them are as follows.

Now, if you are contributing to our website then we have some guidelines to follow

So we are providing guest post opportunities to the contributors. We have come up with guidelines to follow for a contribution.


Strictly Not Allowed:

I hope every Expert will follow these guidlines because it will be good for both of us. Because google is checking Manaually quality of websites and deindexing 1by1 due AI and thin content. All these hits or penality applied due to AI-generated and low-quality content.

Here are sample of websites which are deindexed.

https://popularnetworth. com

https://zacjohnson .com

https://beingselfish. in

https://equityatlas. org

bioofy. com

istaunch. com

healthyceleb. com

GoDownSize. com

networthpost. org

tvguidetime. com

thesocialtalks. com

juliangoldie. com

chipperbird. com

EquityAtlas. org

filmifeed. com



Casino, CBD, or Adult content is strictly not allowed. So don’t send us articles containing these restricted categories. We will not post it.

Contact us: is always available to answer your questions or suggestions. If you are interested and willing to contribute a piece of the blog to our website, then we will highly appreciate it.

So, we hope this all finds you interactive and a good deal for you.

You can get in touch with us via email at

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

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