20 Best Trading Apps in India 2024 

Over the past few years, the mobile has become the day-to-day part of everyone’s life, from a small kid to completing homework to elderly members of the house to getting in touch with their children and all possible because of the growing popularity of the apps. 

By the year 2023, there will have been over 257 billion downloads of mobile apps worldwide, with 26.4 billion of those downloads coming from India alone. There are multiple apps available in the market to ease every stage of life and one of them that is growing rapidly in the Indian market is online stock trading apps with smoother and more flexible trading capabilities. 

So, if you are a seasoned investor or just starting your trading journey, it is vital to know about trading apps. But it can be daunting to find one with multiple benefits that suits you best, so we have listed the top 20 best trading apps present over there in the market. If you want to know how to build stock trading app then you can read this.

List of 20 Trading Apps For Your Better Selection 

  1. Groww App

It is a mobile app that is used for investing in stocks, F&O, fixed deposits, mutual funds, IPOs, and also US Stocks. There is an advantage for the user, as the app allows the user to make both trading and demat accounts in a single application. The app is a prominent member of stock exchanges like BSE, NSE, etc. 

  1. Zerodha Kite

It is a sleek investment and trading platform for modern times and sensibilities. This app is used for investing in the stock market with an easy-to-use user experience. It comprises free zero brokerage investment in bonds, ETFs, IPOs, government bonds, and gold bonds. 

  1. Upstox App 

It is one of the highest-rated trading apps with over 1 crore+ customers. It allows the users to open a demat as well as a trading account to access ETFs, mutual funds, options, currency, commodities, IPOs, SGBs, and Stocks. It is what we can refer to as a safe broker because it is SEBI registered and subject to stock broker regulations.

  1. PaytmMoney 

It is one of the most cost-effective online discount broker apps available in India. Paytm Money is part of the Paytm app which can be used for stock trading services that offer brokerage-free equity delivery trading and mutual fund investment. 

  1. AngleOne

It is SEBI’s registered stock brokerage firm and trading member of MCX, NSE, and BSE and has its app to manage all the stock-related stuff. Thus, it is much easier for users to track records of investments. It is made with a simpler UX design that covers Indian stocks, IPOs, mutual funds, commodities, futures, and options. 

  1. 5 Paisa 

It is one of India’s fastest-growing discount stock broking companies. The users can invest in equity, derivatives, and commodities at BSE, NSE, and MCX.  You can get a Robo investment advisor on the app with multiple advanced tools available to benefit from research and analysis tools. 

  1. ICICI Direct 

It is an intermediary platform facilitating transactions in various markets such as options, futures, stocks, bonds, etc. It basically offers a trading account that focuses on securities and also investors for funds specifically for trading purposes. 

  1. Kotak Securities 

With Kotak Securities start your trading journey today. It is also known as Kotak Stock Trader app which is a SEBI-registered broker and member of NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. 

  1. Axis Direct 

It is a brand under which Axis Securities offers retail broking and investment services. This app allows the user to make an account and bring all the investment options under the same roof such as demat, saving, and also trading accounts by linking all three together making buying and selling easy. 

  1. FYERS App 

It is a trading app that allows the user to trade on NSE, BSE, and MCX allowing to trade stock, bonds, derivatives, and mutual funds on the Indian exchange. It is a single-margin account that allows users to use funds from the same pool for various asset classes. 

  1. Edelweiss App 

It is one of the youngest and most dynamic mutual fund houses in the country. It is managed by Edelweiss Asset Management. It is an online mutual fund and SIP investment platform. 

  1. Choice Broking 

It is one of the best stock broking companies in India which is registered with SEBI. It has a minimal annual maintenance charge of Rs 200+ GST for maintaining the demat account with the broker. 

  1. SMC Global

It is the upgraded version of the SMC ACE, the dependable stock trading and investment app for traders and investors.  Offers services across brokerage such as asset classes of equities, commodities, and currency.

  1. IIFL 

It is a combination of stock and trading apps with full-fledged financial market access. The app includes Nifty, Sensex, BSE 100, Bank Nifty, BSE MIDCAP, and NSE, along with currency and commodity markets. 

  1. Sharekhan 

It is best for all types of users whether new or pre-existing. One of the major benefits of the app is it has a strong network with 4240 franchisees and 131 branches in 1010 cities. The app also provides research-based financial advice services. 

  1. Motilal Oswal 

This app is available for the user who wants to trade in options and futures. Thus this allows the Indian users to explore the Indian Stock Market whether they want to invest in equity stocks or commodity trading. 

  1. SBI Securities 

With the help of the SBI securities app, the user can easily invest and trade across multiple products like IPOs, mutual funds, Gold, stocks, and more. The app also allows the user to do day-to-day trading and allows them to invest in multiple products. 

  1. Dhan: Share Market Trading App

It is a trading application that allows trading in IPOs, futures, currencies, commodities, stocks, and options. The app is made for all types of investors, including long-term, and super traders. 

  1. Ant Mobi 2.0

It is an app that takes trading to the next level with multiple enhanced features and trending technologies, which ensures every user has a superior user experience. The users can track real-time stocks, 100+ technical indicators available, customizable dashboards, and many more. 

  1. Choice FinX- Stocks, MF & IPO

The app provides a seamless trading experience for both experienced and new traders. There are multiple captivating features available such as direct chat with experts, advanced orders(GTC/GTD), applying IPO in-app, one-click company page info, etc. 


So, coming to the end we hope you can now find an appropriate app for your investment and trading journey and no more have to hassle finding and asking others to recommend one. These apps for Android have different features and functionality that suit each user. You can select as per your preference from the list given. 

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