Lipolytics for face and body by Kabelline

Attaining the desired body shape and facial contours isn’t as daunting as it may appear. Nowadays, numerous methods exist to eliminate excess fat deposits without swelling or adverse effects. Lipolytics are extensively utilized in cosmetology, obviating the need for surgical intervention. Kabelline offers a unique product designed to dissolve fat cells, breaking them down into smaller components that are naturally expelled from the body. The company exclusively employs organic ingredients in crafting its Lipolytics formula.

Kabelline injection helps to remove fat deposits in problem areas. The preparations make it possible to spot-reduce volume and correct facial features. However, to maintain the result, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. The main indications for the use of lipolytics in facial areas:

  • appearance of a second chin
  • fat accumulation in the cheeks, cheekbones, under the eyes
  • change in the oval of the face
  • loose, sagging skin

Experienced specialists in the field of cosmetology make a decision based on several factors that affect the need for product application: the number of fat deposits, relief, skin condition, and age of the patient. To improve general skin health and regeneration, professionals may also take into account the possible advantages of adding redox skincare products to the treatment plan.

Effectiveness of the use of injections

Those seeking to improve skin conditions, remove extra centimeters on the body, and get their appearance in order can use an injectable, non-invasive cosmetic product. Fat dissolver from the company Kabelline has in its composition deoxycholic acid 5 mg per 1 ml, water, l-carnitine hydrochloride. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the drug is injected into:

  • facial shape
  • chin
  • arms
  • legs
  • hips
  • flanks
  • back

To obtain optimal results, injections are carried out in a course. On average, the drug is used from 4 to 10 days. The composition is injected locally into the problem area, and its active components affect the fat cells (adipocytes). According to the reviews of satisfied clients, after the second procedure, you can see the effect – a decrease in the volume of fatty tissues, and with each repetition of injections, the result becomes more and more pronounced. 

Now contouring is available without visiting a plastic surgeon. It is possible to obtain the desired shape of the oval face or figure, tighten the skin, improve its tone and elasticity, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles with the preparation of a Kabelline fat dissolver. Complications after the introduction of lipolytics are extremely rare. To reduce the risk, it is important to exclude contraindications to the procedure and find an experienced cosmetologist who uses proven products for injections based on non-strong acid.

Kabelline Lipolytics benefits

Fat dissolver is a natural product to reduce tummy fat and other substances that are injected into the problem areas with thin needles to break down fat. The main advantages of this treatment are prompt results, minimal recovery time, harmlessness, and effectiveness. Your face and body will acquire a natural look that you previously could only dream of.

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