5 Types of Interactive Quizzes that You Can Use in Your E-Learning Courses

The e-learning process has become an inseparable part of the educational system. Teachers use a variety of tools and programs to enhance the learning process. One such tools are interactive quizzes. Below, you will learn more about interactive quizzes and their benefits. Moreover, we will provide you with the 5 types of interactive quizzes that you can use in your e-learning courses. You will find out why interactive quizzes are important for e-learning and how they impact the digital learning process.

Interactive Quizzes: Pros and Cons

Interactive quizzes are engaging activities in the form of games that are used for different purposes. Interactive quizzes are a good way of enhancing users’ interests, informing and keeping the users engaged in the activity.  Businesses can use interactive quizzes for various purposes, such as raising brand awareness, increasing customer satisfaction, or generating leads. Interactive quizzes are handy for education as well. They keep students actively involved in the quiz subject, which helps them revise and learn something new.  There are different types of quizzes and different types of quiz questions. 

Generally, all the quizzes have advantages and disadvantages, some of them include:


Interactive quizzes are advantageous as they are available anytime and anywhere. People can participate in quizzes whenever they want to, only with the availability of an Internet connection they can access a huge number of quizzes with different titles and contexts, starting from trivia quizzes to educational ones.

Variety of options

The variety of options that interactive quizzes provide is immense. Whether you want to create a quiz including your questions or you want to find a quiz prepared in advance, it is possible. With a variety of tools and quiz makers, you can create your quiz that will cover the topic you would like to include. 


Interactive quizzes are a way of mixing gamification with the learning process. Quizzes are fun and informative simultaneously, these characteristics of interactive quizzes make them popular and preferred by tutors. Interactive quizzes increase the students’ interest and improve teamwork in the case of team quizzes.

Immediate Feedback

One more important advantage of interactive quizzes is that they provide immediate feedback for the participants. The moment the quiz is over the users get feedback on their results, they can see their mistakes and the scores. Moreover, the creators can track the users’ results.

Alongside the advantages listed above, interactive quizzes have disadvantages as well. Some of them are: 

Connection required

To take a quiz online one needs an Internet connection, and in some situations, it may cause problems. For instance, with a lack of connection to the network, the users will not have the ability to access any online quiz. This complexifies the process of participation in quizzes.

Vast amount of alternatives

One more drawback of interactive quizzes is that the Internet is full of a vast amount of available options for quizzes of different types, one should be careful while choosing a quiz. Some of them may carry misinformation or have a bad quality. Thus, if you don’t want to create your quiz just be attentive while choosing a quiz that is prepared beforehand to avoid any mistake. 

Interactive quizzes have many advantages and are quite helpful for different purposes, they can be utilized for enhancing the learning process and for improving some aspects of your business. 

5 Types of Interactive Quizzes for E-Learning Courses

Different types of quizzes are used for different purposes. They are engaging activities that are handy for education and businesses. Interactive quizzes may be personality quizzes, this type usually includes questions that help users identify their personality traits. Other types, such as education quizzes, are designed to enhance the learning process with the help of quizzes. Some quizzes are created to provide a product recommendation for customers and so on.

To check the knowledge of students, teachers utilize a variety of quizzes, some quizzes may also include questions similar to mensa iq questions. These types of questions are generally for logical connotation.  Among the variety of quizzes, there are types of quizzes that are handy for e-learning courses. Thus, let’s mention the 5 types of interactive quizzes that you should use in your e-learning courses.


Matching the pairs is quite effective way of learning. This type of interactive quiz requires the student to find the pairs among two lists of options and match them. This type of activity is quite engaging and effective for the learning process.


Open-ended quizzes are the ones that require the participants to write down their answers to the question. This type of quiz is likely to enhance the creativity of students and help teachers understand the opinions of their students concerning this or that topic included in the quiz. The participants also develop the ability to write down their thoughts properly.


Close-ended questions are the ones that require either yes/no or true/false answers. This type of quiz question can be tricky and even if the students have to choose between two options they will have to think over the question, as it won’t be simple.

Multiple choice

Multiple-choice questions are the ones that require the participants to choose between a variety of options provided in the quiz. This type of quiz can also be tricky, as the options are more than two and the students may be confused. The multiple-choice quizzes are also an effective way of enhancing the students’ thinking and are useful for e-learning courses. 

Fill in the blanks

Another type of quiz that is handy for e-learning courses is the fill-in-the-blanks. This type of quiz requires the students to fill in the missing word or phrase in the question. These quizzes require writing as well, short written answers, that are left out from the sentence or the passage. 

Thus, interactive quizzes are important for having an enhanced e-learning course. You can create different types of quizzes with the help of the WordPress quiz plugin. Some types of interactive quizzes that we have mentioned above are especially effective for e-learning and should be added to e-learning courses.

The Influence of Interactive Quizzes on E-Learning

Having established the concept of interactive quizzes, and their advantages and disadvantages, we mentioned the 5 types of interactive quizzes that will be helpful for your e-learning courses.  Interactive quizzes are generally useful parts of e-learning, as with the innovational learning technologies, quizzes are also a part of the digital learning process. To understand better why interactive quizzes are important and useful for e-learning and why you should include them in your e-learning courses, let’s discuss the influence interactive quizzes have on e-learning generally. 

Increasing Engagement Rate

One positive impact of interactive quizzes on e-learning is that they increase the engagement rate. students get more interested and involved in the learning process as interactive quizzes mix the learning process with gamification. The format of quizzes makes it engaging for the students, as they are fun interesting, and meanwhile are informative. That’s why quizzes should include both fun and serious questions to keep the participants interested during the whole quiz-taking process.


Interactive quizzes are effective for not only having a fun and engaging learning process but also for assessment. Interactive quizzes are a good way of assessing the knowledge of participants concerning the covered topic. 

Increasing Motivation

Interactive quizzes also boost the motivation of learners, as they include learning and gamification in one place. Thus, the process of taking quizzes motivates students to find out more about the subject and to perform better in upcoming quizzes.

Revision and Learning

Interactive quizzes are handy for revising the covered information. The questions included in the quizzes help students revise what they have learned. Thus, the revision and learning processes are also conducted by interactive quizzes and are quite effective for students.

Tracking the Progress

Interactive quizzes are a good way of tracking the student’s progress. The quiz creators can track the progress of their students, and see what drawbacks they have in their knowledge. It is an effective way of always being aware of the student’s progress and what is difficult for them.

Identifying Knowledge Gaps

Finally, interactive quizzes help students identify their knowledge gaps and understand what they should work on and what should be improved. In this way, interactive quizzes not only teach something to students but also help them see what is missing and what should be revised.


In conclusion, interactive quizzes are handy and keep the participants engaged in an activity that is fun and informative simultaneously. They have several benefits that we have mentioned above, interactive quizzes are used for various purposes. They are utilized for e-learning courses, as they help increase engagement and increase the motivation of students. Some types of interactive quizzes are especially useful for e-learning courses. The main 5 types of such interactive quizzes we have mentioned above, as they enhance the learning process by helping identify the knowledge gaps and track the progress of students.

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