How to use FaceCheck ID

Get the Tool Here:

Currently unavailable as of January 14, 2024, is the FaceCheck ID website ( It’s not clear how long the service has been running.

Visit the website to see if it becomes available once more.

Add a Picture:

  • You should be able to upload a photo of the person you want to look for if the website is operational.
  • Select a shot where the subject’s face is squarely in front of the camera, one that is clear and well-lit.

Start the Search:

  • FaceCheck ID’s AI algorithms will examine the photo when you upload it and search its database for any matches.
  • Depending on the database size and photo quality, the search procedure could take a few seconds or minutes.

Examine Findings:

FaceCheck ID usually shows the results of any matches in a list or grid format.

The outcomes could contain details like:

  • Name Location Age
  • profiles on social media
  • appearances in news articles, blogs, or videos
  • Possible matches to suspect databases, sex offender registries, or mugshots (if relevant)

Interpret Results:

Examine the results closely and judge their accuracy.

Think about things like:

  • The calibre of the picture you sent
  • The breadth and volume of the FaceCheck ID database
  • The possibility of mistakes or false positives
  • If further data or resources are required, use them to confirm the outcomes.

Moral Aspects to Take into Account:

  • Privacy: Consider carefully how employing facial recognition software may affect your privacy.
  • Consent: Before utilising Face ID check or other like services to look up someone, get their permission.
  • Use the technology responsibly by only using it for appropriate goals, such as locating missing people or confirming IDs.
  • Prevent Abuse: Refrain from using it for discriminatory, harassing, or stalking purposes.

Keep Up with:

Keep track of FaceCheck ID’s availability and features, as well as any changes to its usage restrictions, by following our updates.

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