Can you start to learn the Internet at the age of 30?

There is no age limit for network engineers, so if you are 30 years old this year, there is no problem if you are determined to be a network engineer. The reasons are as follows.

Role of After-Sales Network Engineer in the System Integration Industry

First network engineer usually works in the system integration industry

Network engineers can do many jobs, but if you choose to work in the system integration industry, it is usually a relatively suitable job. The job content is to sell equipment, such as Huawei equipment, Cisco equipment, or equipment from a manufacturer, to customers. Then, customers need after-sale technical support personnel, so the after-sale technical support is a network engineer.

This proves that the daily work of network engineers is to help customers debug, configure, and maintain network equipment. Customers usually have this demand when they are large, such as a bank, a large state-owned enterprise, or a multinational company. So if you are a network engineer at the age of 30, you may choose a technical position. We usually call this position after-sales network engineer.

Future Development Path for a Network Engineer in Their 30s

Second, there are many development positions for 30-year-old network engineers

Because, after all, the age is here, and you are a network engineer in your 30s. What is the future development path? Do you want to be a technology expert all your life? Not necessarily, so if you have some technical experience, you can sell to the technical type. Usually, we call this industry a pre-sales engineer. This pre-sales engineer mainly explains solutions to customers, prepares bidding documents, or assists sales personnel in doing some technical work for customers.

This kind of post usually requires people with communication ability, expression ability, and technical proficiency, especially those around the age of 30. After all, customers are more reassured when they see your age. If you are a young man who has just graduated in the 21st and 22nd centuries, customers themselves are not very confident.

Technical Manager and Project Manager Roles

In addition to the pre-sales engineer, you can also develop into the positions of technical manager and project manager. The so-called technical manager and project manager mean that the company gets a project and then you are responsible for the process control of the whole project, which may include various follow-ups on the customer’s technical project costs. Such project managers usually have the best technical background and the best sales background and must be around 30 years old, Otherwise, the client will not be able to talk to you as a project manager when you are in your 20s, so people in their 30s and 20s working as network engineers will have different positions in the workplace.

Career Planning for Network Engineers Pursuing Cisco Course 350-501

So when choosing to study as a network engineer 350 501, we may need to be very careful about what position we can take, how long we can work, whether we can work until we are 40 or 50 years old, and whether we can take some backup measures in case of any problems in the future, so that we won’t be so nervous on the way to work with  Cisco Course.

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