How are different types of online doctor consultations conducted?

Modern medicine has long been considered one of the most conservative industries in implementing IT technologies. But progress affected her, too, and quarantine during the pandemic accelerated the process significantly. Today, online consultation with a doctor has become as commonplace as a visit to the clinic. The world’s leading medical centers and private doctors are working to bring innovation to life. You can see how to do this at And today, we will talk about what types of remote appointments there are and how an online consultation with a doctor takes place.

Types of online consultations and how they work

Like a regular appointment, an online doctor appointment may differ in what the patient needs. Therefore, all remote consultations can be divided into several types.


In this case, the doctor listens to the patient’s complaints, asks questions, and clarifies the symptoms. The difficulty of this technique is that the specialist cannot examine the patient. But he can ask him to carry out some manipulations on his own or with the help of his relatives. Due to the conversation, the doctor will often prescribe tests and, possibly, other types of examinations that must be completed at the nearest medical facility.

Repeated or therapeutic

If a patient uses a particular application designed for online appointments, he can simply upload the results of his tests and examinations into it. In other cases, a photo or scan of the results or an email with them will need to be sent via the specialist’s chosen communication channel. When the doctor sees all the data, he will prescribe treatment, medications, and possibly physical procedures during an online conversation.


Such consultations are held periodically throughout the treatment to evaluate intermediate results and identify further actions for a speedy recovery.

Second opinion

A format that reputable doctors or specialized clinics often use. If the patient does not trust the diagnosis or wants to check it, he turns to a specialized specialist. Before such a consultation, the doctor must transfer all the data already on hand. During the consultation, the doctor can prescribe additional examinations and agree or doubt his colleagues’ conclusions. In this case, further actions are already determined individually.


This type of consultation is most often used during pregnancy or breastfeeding when a young mother has questions. She can ask her doctor without going to the clinic. Such techniques are practiced after operations if the patient, for example, has been bitten by a tick or has had a mild allergic reaction.

That is, almost any appointment can be made online. It is convenient and fast and does not require much effort or time. However, to get maximum results, you need to prepare properly.

Preparation for online consultation

You don’t have to do anything supernatural:

  • Agree on a session time with your doctor or clinic.
  • Prepare equipment and install the application if necessary.
  • Prepare and submit all available examination results to the doctor.
  • Prepare a list of questions you want to ask the doctor.
  • The patient should be present at the appointment if he has a caregiver.

As you can see, everything happens almost the same as online, but without grueling trips and waiting, and the result is no worse than a personal visit to the clinic.

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